Sanders Drilling equipment for sale

Sanders Drilling
Pulling Units and Workover Rigs for sale

Christopher C Sanders and Matthew Yeh of Sanders Drilling

We have about 40 older pulling units and workover rigs available
made from USA Steel -not from China!
They are all comparable to a Cooper 350 or 550, or a Wilson 42
during peak season they will all be worth $1 million each
They can all pull pipe from about 10,000' - 20,000' feet
Can all drill from 4,000' - 10,000' feet depending on your skill level
If you have good credit and can prove a recent bank statement
capable of purchasing this equipment, starting at $130,000.00 then contact us.

1978 Wilson 42A for $130,000.00

1983 Cooper 350 for $150,000.00

1980 Wilson 42B for $170,000.00

Or get these three Workover Rigs for
that is a $180,000.00 off if you buy all three!
contact me.
mobile phone (310) 970-2400

Chris Sanders
phone:(310) 970-2400

This is the 1969 Wilson in action in the video above. 
The Colonel  was pulling 2 7/8" tubing from 6,000' feet,
well flowed in 54,000 BBL from initial re work.

We have about 20 of these Pulling Units available from
1969 - 2000    for $170,000.00  - $200,000.00

If you need help with Finance from a bank, we advise you to
create an account with our bank Point Bank to verify your credit
and get the ball rolling for your next Drilling Rig purchase.


More about the Wilson 42

sanders oil and gas christopher charles sanders oil and gas
can pull 16,000' feet of 2 7/8th" inch tubing

Archer, Baylor, Clay, Jack,
Throckmorton, Wichita, Wilbarger, Young

Sky Top

sanders oil and gas christopher charles sanders oil and gas
can pull 22,000' feet of 2 7/8th" inch tubing

Cooke, Denton, Montague,
Parker, Tarrant, Wise


Cooper SAN-550XL
Sanders Drilling Cooper 550 - offer through an exclusive deal and price with Sanders Drilling
Cooper Crown XL

Sanders Drilling - Cooper 550
Cooper Crown (normal)

1985 COOPER SAN-550
Clay, Cooke, Denton, Montague
2013 Cooper SAN-350S
Cooper 350 with Sandman Tools

2012 Cooper SAN-550XL
Cooper 550SXL

Well Service Rig, DETROIT Series 60 Diesel Engine, ALLISON 5860 Transmission, MAC 202 Hydraulic Brake, COOPER 97’foot mast, 250,000 Hydraulic  Raised & Scoped Mast with Rod & Tubing Boards, Mounted on 5-Axle Carrier with Hydraulic  Leveling Jacks, Utility Winch, NEW Cab, (NEW) Scoping Ram, and (NEW) power tongs.

Standard Equipment

Sanders Drilling Cooper 550
Sanders Drilling Cooper 550  Cooper 350  workover and pulling units for sale in Texas

Gear and Equipment
42" x 12" tubing drum brakes
42" x 8" Sandline drum brakes
Lebus grooving on tubing drum
(2) Hydraulic catline winch
PL-5 & PL-8 (Pull master)
Hydraulic leveling jacks front
and rear
Five axle carrier
Allison transmission with torque
Anchor-lock air ride seat
Duplex front tires
Triple tool box and above deck
tool box
Mufflers with spark arrestors
Antilock brakes

Sanders Drilling Cooper 550  Cooper 350  workover and pulling units for sale in Texas

Tubing Drum
Brakes: 42" dia. x 12" wide
forged steel with carbide
485x9" disc assist
Water splash brake cooling
Barrel: 16" x 38"
Chain: 1¾" x double strand (oil
Clutch: Outboard 24" 3-plate air
Shaft: 6½" dia.
Sandline Sanders
Sandman Drum
Brakes: 42" dia. x 8" wide
forged steel
Water splash brake cooling
Barrel: 16" x 43"
Chain: 1¾" double (oil bath)
Capacity: 16,500' - 9/16"
13,300' - 5/8"

Sanders Drilling Cooper 550  Cooper 350  workover and pulling units for sale in Texas

Front axles: 40,000 lbs. tandem
Front axle suspension: spring
Front tires: 18 x 22.5 duplex
Air independent suspension
Rear axle: 50,000 lbs. tandem
double reduction
Rear tires: 1100 x 24.5 offhighway
Third rear axle: 20,000 lb. rating
Aluminum wheels
Frame: 18 high tensile alloy wide
flange "I" beam
Engine: Detroit Diesel 14LT-3
Compliant Emissions
Allison transmission

Sanders Drilling Cooper 550 - 350


We use these pulling units to fix existing production
and conduct workovers to hold certain leases by production.

Acquisitions, contracts, remediation, and work over
Joint Ventures - limited and identified in an
area of mutual interest (AMI) - limited from 1-14 counties.

operators and oilfields are hitting the chopping block.
So if you have the right equipment
we can effectively maintain our acquisitions.
We are looking for shale operator prospects over the Barnett shale.


sanders drilling

United States
Chris Sanders
(310) 970-2400

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