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Sanders Drilling - three generations of drillers in Texas and Oklahoma
Imagine a drilling company that cares about the environment by providing the cleanest drinking water on the planet while simultaneously planting millions of trees.  Sanders Drilling uses funds generated through drilling rentals to give back to the earth and fix what has been damaged by the Oil & Gas Industry. 

Chris Sanders and Matthew Yeh of Sanders Drilling
Matthew Yeh (CFO) and Chris Sanders (CEO)

Chris Sanders, CEO
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Saving the Planet
Our entire corporate board is on board with this agenda.
That is what brought us all together in the first place. 
Putting the earth and all of her children and animals first
is the foundation of our beliefs.




Chris Sanders of Sanders Drilling

Chris Sanders
Chief Executive Officer

He is a senior executive with over 25 years of experience in management and finance in the Oil and Gas industry.  He is a Published Author, Landman, Producer, and Operator. Implemented some of the first CO2 fracking techniques which defined the Barnett shale.

As a Landman, he has acquired over 2.4 million acres and received the “Landman in Action” award by the American Association of Petroleum Landmen.  He is the founder of the United Basin and County Landman which is a group of 500 of the nation’s top Landman.  He has performed as a senior consultant for Air Products, Aramco, China, Japan, Halliburton, Multiple Investment Bankers, the LNG industry, McGraw Hill, NASA, Multiple Politicians, Schlumberger, State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO), The Gas Company and The King of Saudi Arabia.

As an Operator, he has ranked in the top 10% in natural gas production in Texas and New Mexico for over 25 years.  He is the creator of several proprietary fracking methodologies for shale source bed rock.   Operator for the Bureau of Land Management, Minerals Management Services, Devon, Husky, Marathon and other independents. 

In remediation has designed humectic acid and leonardite organic compounds which are live substrates that actually eat up petroleum pollution problems. Helped clean up New Orleans after hurricane Katrina through compassion.  Co-developed a Kiri tree remediation technique for cleaning up oil contaminated areas while simultaneously creating biomass.  Created the “Sustainable Mandate” for Lonestar Natural Gas and Sanders Drilling diverting 20% of the proceeds into Sustainable Forestry for reforestation and Air to Water for children and communities in need of fresh drinking water.

Chris Sanders
Sanders Drilling

(310) 970-2400


Matthew Yeh - Lonestar Natural Electric

Matthew Yeh
Chief Financial Officer

Matthew is the Chief Financial Officer of Sanders Drilling as is responsible for the development of strategic growth opportunities, acquisitions, heavy equipment, and financing strategies for the company. He represented Haiching, a major Chinese manufacturing company that specializes in heavy equipment, power tongs, pulling units, and drilling rigs as wells as parts, supplies, maintenance equipment. These established ties can supply us with the needed gear and equipment that our company will require over the years. All of his products are API certified and inspected for quality control and safety. With Matthew’s guidance of the company’s development department, he will focus on integrity, intelligence, honesty and creative solutions to property acquisitions and real estate with oil and gas. His vision for a “win-win” solution makes him invaluable to the company. Graduated at 1992 from the University of Central Oklahoma, Matthew holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science and also president of the college’s Kiwanis ( Circle K ) club chapter. He owns Empire Business Broker of Dallas which brokers multiple complex business transactions. He also owns and manages multiple retail businesses, and is a Texas licenced real estate broker for the last 12 years. Matthew has been involved and has been working directly with Chinese investor groups and manufacturing facilities specifically geared for Oil & Gas, and Energy applications.


Chris Sanders is drilling the Barnett Shale of North Texas

Williston Basin Operations
Alberta Saskatchewan Canada Operations

Frank Dux of Sanders Drilling
Frank Dux - International Operations
International Exporting of Drilling Equipment

Bloodsport and Kumite World Martial Arts Champion
International Security for Oil & Gas Crew Executives

Chris Hutton of Sanders Drilling and Nexstreem
William C. Hutton - Executive Vice President - Anandarko Basin
is a proven corporate executive, highly experienced in oil and gas production, with expertise in acquisitions, mergers, contract negotiation, asset and operations management.  Mr. Hutton’s intimate, hands–on knowledge and management experience in oilfield production operations includes over twenty years with companies including Hunt Oil, Occidental Petroleum, and most recently BP with operating responsibilities including Lease Operations, Operations Engineer, Production Coordinator, Technical Analyst and Regional Asset Manager.  During his employment with Occidental Petroleum Mr. Hutton oversaw the management of over 2300 producing oil and gas wells with a 200M annual drilling budget. In addition to his vast E&P experience, Mr. Hutton has been instrumental in the commercialization of the NexStreem Technology. Mr. Hutton graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology from the University of Texas at Tyler.


Fort Worth Basin Operations



Jessie James Torres of Sanders Drilling

Jessie James Torres -  Executive Vice President - Permian Basin and New Mexico
Mr. Torres has been working with Sanders since the early 1990's.  He is in charge of contracts in the Permian Basin and analyzes acquisitions, drilling,
salt water disposal, and work overs. Secret service for the Bush administration.

Chris Sanders and Eric Byron of Sanders Drilling
Eric Byron and Chris Sanders

We have sponsored several non profit companies all geared to saving the earth

  Kiri Tree Sustainable Angels 

The Kiri Tree yields $500 million per mile in 5 years or $200 Million in 2 years from biomass

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Chris Sanders is drilling the Barnett Shale of North Texas


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